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Whether you are in need of weekly lawn mowing, landscape maintenance or a landscape installation, Shaw’s Lawn Care, LLC is your one-stop solution. We also offer three and four season’s property maintenance programs tailored to your needs.

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Our Services:

Weekly Mowing
Each week we will meticulously groom your lawn at a recommended height of 3-3.5 inches. We will trim all edges, remove debris such as sticks and trash and remove clippings from sidewalks, patios and driveways.
Spring Clean-up
A great start for your turf and landscape after a long dormant winter season. Our professionals will remove thatch, leaves, sticks, other debris from your turf and landscape before your first weekly mowing.
Fall Clean-up
Our professionals will remove leaves from your turf, and landscape areas throughout the fall season to maintain a neat appearance of your residence or commercial property.
Mulch & Garden Bed Maintenance
Landscape (mulch) beds are redefined by edging, weeded, and a pre-emergent is applied. Your choice/type of fresh, premium-quality double-shredded hardwood mulch. We also offer stone as a low maintenance alternative to traditional mulch.
Tree & Shrub Pruning
We will carefully prune ornamental shrubs for best appearance and health. Keeping shrubs and trees pruned and away from your siding or home helps reduce mold and unwanted pests.
Aeration & Dethatching
Lawn aeration and dethatching are two processes which help maintain a healthy, green lawn; helping water and fertilizers better reach the roots. Spring detaching removes dead, compacted grass. Fall lawn aeration allows better absorption of water and fertilizer, stimulates deeper root growth and reduces soil compaction.
Lawn Edging
We can redefine existing mulch beds, sidewalks, driveways with a clean landscaping edge.
Snow Removal
We offer residential and commercial snow removal. Services include driveway snow plowing, sidewalk snow removal, sanding and salting. Keep warm in the winter and let us keep your driveway, parking lot or sidewalks clear!

Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services Serving
Ellington, Tolland, Vernon, South Windsor & Somers, Connecticut

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